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"Feed My Lambs"

In John Chapter 21 we read that the Lord Jesus gave His disciple Peter three commands. He told him to feed His Lambs, feed His Sheep, and again to feed His Sheep. But notice, Jesus starts with "Lambs." The little ones are Jesus' Lambs, and we recognize it was the first on the list given to Peter. Therefore, we as a fellowship of believers are dedicated to doing just that. Below you can read about the children's curriculum we use in our Sunday School classes.

Calvary Curriculum

We utilize an amazing curriculum called "Calvary Curriculum"

You can do your own research at

Below is directly from the Calvary Curriculum Website


We believe that children can experience a personal, close relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ that will sustain them each and every day of their lives. At the very beginning, before sin entered the picture, this is what we see happening between God and the people He created; Adam and Eve walked in fellowship with God in the garden. Jesus died to restore us back into the fellowship that sin had hindered us from and that God desires to have with each of us. Experiencing fellowship with our Maker is foundational to the Christian life.


Our vision is that the children would be taught and trained in those things which will lead to fellowship with the Lord. Daily reading of the Word of God and training the children in daily prayer with God are two key aspects of leading them in their walk with the Lord. We cannot miss these basic and powerful disciplines if we are to help them grow in their walk with God.


We want to give more than the “what,” we want to train the children in the “how” of these important disciplines. We must train them in how to read the Bible so that they can hear from God and experience for themselves that close, personal relationship with Him. We must train them in what it is to have a prayer life with God, to talk with Him as He desires and invites each of us to do. It is for these reasons that Calvary Curriculum exists. All of our trainings, Bible curriculums, and any other supportive content is for the purpose of helping you lead the children into a relationship with God that they were created to enjoy, and without which they can never experience the peace and hope that God offers to each of them. May God bless you as you consider how the resources of Calvary Curriculum might be used in your ministry with the children."

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