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"Feed My Lambs"

In John Chapter 21 we read that the Lord Jesus gave His disciple Peter three commands. He told him to feed His Lambs, feed His Sheep, and again to feed His Sheep. But notice, Jesus starts with "Lambs." The little ones are Jesus' Lambs, and we recognize it was the first on the list given to Peter. Therefore, we as a fellowship of believers are dedicated to doing just that. Below you can read about the children's curriculum we use in our Sunday School classes.

Children's Ministry


We have a great children's ministry. We currently utilize the Answers in Genesis curriculum according to age group.  One of our top goals is to teach the children the Bible and help them to understand that it is indeed God's Word.

What to Expect

When you arrive one of the greeters will direct you and your family to child check-in area. We utilize a security check-in process, but it is quick and easy for parents to check their kids in before service begins. The kids take part in worship, they learn, they do projects, pray and have an activity time.

If you have any questions please email us at

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